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Requisition Number 16-0025
Post Date 12/7/2018
Title Police Officer
City Mountain Village
State CO
Description NATURE OF WORK:
Protects lives and property, and preserves the peace for Town of Mountain Village residents through the patrolling of assigned areas, impartial enforcement of laws, detaining and interviewing violators, apprehension of suspects, and responding to calls for assistance.

• Patrols assigned Town’s roadways, residential, and business areas, looking for illegal, hazardous and suspicious activities and persons; provides back-up assistance, scene security and protection for regional emergency services personnel.
• Enforces local, state and Federal laws, and enforces compliance with local regulations and ordinances, according to policies, procedures and regulations.
• Responds to emergency and non-emergency calls for service including alarm, animal, emergency medical, and 911 calls; investigates criminal and civil complaints and incidents; interrogates and communicates with victims, witnesses and suspects in cases; secures and documents crime scene and property; identifies and collects evidence.
• Interacts with the public and performs a variety of community relations functions including assisting stranded motorists and individuals locked out of vehicles, homes, or businesses.
• Participates in the enforcement of municipal ordinances including investigating public complaints regarding noise, parking, animal control, and/or jobsite safety issues.
• Investigates criminal activity including gathering and documenting evidence, obtaining statements from victims and witnesses, and locating suspects; conducts follow up investigations.
• Arrests law violators; locates, pursues and arrests criminal suspects; transports and processes prisoners; testifies in court; serves arrest, search and civil warrants and other court documents.
• Conducts traffic stops and investigates traffic accidents and criminal violations; assists motorists, victims and witnesses, and investigates incidents as required.
• Represents the Police Department at court hearings; prepares reports and materials requested and subpoenaed by the courts; and testifies in court cases.
• Performs a variety of First Responder duties including providing EMS and/or Fire assistance.
• Provides assistance with special events and/or performs community service functions as required.
• Inspects patrol vehicles and performs minor maintenance functions on vehicles including refueling, fluid checks, tire changing and the installation and removal of tire chains.
• May conduct forensic investigation using digital and video media for forensic imaging.
• May serve as the Department’s CCIC Coordinator provides training to others in the uses of CCIC system, maintaining security, verifying and correcting of data entry.
• May serve as the Department’s E911 Addressing Coordinator for the County of San Miguel in maintaining master street address guide, updating and making system changes.
• May serve as field training Officer; under state mandate, officers are required to attend a minimum of 40 hours of training per year.
• May serve as Reserve Liaison Officer in conducting reserve meetings, coordinating reserve functions, making reserve officer assignments, organizing reserve training and maintaining reserve records.
• Communicates with business owners and serves as the Town Merchant Liaison Officer as required.
• Prepares and maintains a variety of departmental reports, records, and documentation.
High School Diploma or G.E.D, must be age of 21 at time of hire, U.S. Citizen (by birth or naturalization) have no felony convictions, and successfully complete a background check as well as medical, polygraph, psychological, written and interview examinations prior to being appointed; must maintain a level of physical fitness to meet Department standards.

A valid Colorado State Driver’s License is required; Possess the peace officer’s basic certification or provisional letter presented by the Colorado POST some incumbents may be required to obtain additional specific skills training and technical certifications.
A driving records search will be conducted on all applicants prior to employment and the applicant’s driving record will be subject to observation throughout their employment.

Knowledge of: Police department policies and procedures; current law enforcement techniques and procedures, including case laws governing arrest, probable cause, and search and seizure; criminal and traffic codes; county, state and Federal laws, regulations and ordinances; rules of evidence; criminal justice and court systems, procedures and protocols in the State of Colorado; investigative and interrogative procedures, and protocols for observation and memorization of critical details; use-of-force rules; hazardous chemicals and materials, first aid and CPR; special regional law enforcement zones; geography, roads, and landmarks of the Town of Mountain Village; law enforcement equipment, vehicles, and weapons; records, reports, and documentation relative to law enforcement activities; supervisory principles, practices, and methods.

Skill in: Patrolling the Town and providing for the protection and safety of residents and property; monitoring for illegal activity, traffic violations, and persons in need of assistance; responding to calls for service and complaints made by the public; conducting investigations and preparing departmental records and reports; composing clear, concise and accurate reports, prepare police reports, forms, summonses and records using correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and legible penmanship; effectively communicate with, and understand people of varying ethnic, social, cultural and educational backgrounds; utilizing the senses of sight, hearing, smell and feel to recognize threats, conditions of danger or other factors, recognizing and identifying people, vehicles, colors, sizes and other things in the course of their duties.

Environmental Factors:
Work is performed in internal and external environments with exposure to inclement weather, and varying temperatures; subject to physical harm such as dangerous vehicles, gun shots, and physical attacks; may be exposed to hazardous chemicals, drugs, infectious and communicable diseases; required to physically restrain persons; subject to extended periods of intense concentration in review of crime scenes, investigations and preparing law enforcement reports. Must be able to work during weekdays, weekends, holidays and on any assigned shift.
Physical Factors:
While performing the duties of this job, the employee is required to stand for extended periods of time, operate vehicles in all conditions of light, darkness, heat, cold or bad weather, on paved and unpaved surfaces which may be covered with ice, snow, mud or standing water, simultaneously operate police radios, computers, lights, speed detection devices and signal controls while driving; utilize firearms, and lift and/or move items weighing up to 150 pounds. Officers must be fit to evade physical attack and engage in the pursuit and apprehension of suspects.
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