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Requisition Number 19-0019
Post Date 2/1/2019
Title Medical Assistant
City Tulsa
State OK
Description Under close supervision, responsible for providing medical psychiatric assistance to Consumers (adult, children and adolescence) with mental illness or co-occurring disorders. Responsible for activities related to workflow processes. Must maintain confidentiality of materials processed. Demonstrates knowledge of co-occurring disorders and appropriate interventions.

Nurse Line, Walk-in Medication Clinic and Children’s psychiatric Clinic
1. Complete vitals for Walk-in Clinic Consumers that report they are out of medications or will not have enough medication to get to their next appointment, or clients who report feeling poorly physically.
2. Document vitals clearly for physicians and flag any vitals outside normal limits.
3. Assist Registered Nurse with calling in orders to pharmacy, FCS pharmacy or other outside pharmacy.
4. Assist RN with speaking to physicians face to face (MAs can not receive verbal orders over the telephone)for orders and follow through with physicians orders, reporting to RN the plan of action.
5. Assist Consumers to follow through with plan, i.e. call in prescription orders, set up next appointment.
6. Retrieve messages hourly and respond same day or if the message was left after 4pm return the call the next day no later then 12:00pm.
7. Complete documentation a. Document vital signs (blood pressure, weigh, respirations and pulse) b. Document Consumer needs c. Document plan of action set forth by RN or physician d. Document that plan of action was executed and completed

Injection Clinics
1. Complete vitals (blood pressure, weight, respirations, pulse)
2. Obtain and review physician injection orders
3. Verify dosage changes or physician orders
4. Administer injection as physician ordered
5. Re-assess vitals and re-assess Consumer 10 minutes after the injections.
6. Schedule next injection appointment with Consumer to ensure proper injection scheduling.
7. Injections that are related to physician appointments take priority over walk-in medication clinic consumers
8. Help Consumers stay on schedule for injections by scheduling appointment on their DOB, the first day of the month, or the 1st and 15th of the month.
9.Keep track of injection consumers with a calendar. Write their name on the day injection is due and cross them off after injection is given. Call them 2 days before appointment and remind them to come in.
10. Document all information in Consumers Medical Record

Additional MA Responsibilities
1.Review and update medication record.
2.Flag chart for doctor’s signature when verbal orders are received by RN, physicians must sign orders within 24 hours of returning to the office.
3.Ensure that physician’s sign all verbal orders received face to face by the CMA.
4.Receive laboratory results, make results available to physicians for review, follow physician’s orders regarding any results that require follow up, and document all steps taken and any necessary follow up.
5.Ensure adequate supplies for Nurses office, i.e. needles, Band-Aids, medications, and other necessary supplies and order through pharmacy.
6.Obtain Medication Education Material for Consumers.
7.Monitor time frames carefully and educate Consumers with maintaining scheduled injections and prescribed medications.
8.As assigned, provide medication education to Adult Consumers both individually and in groups i.e. Psycho-social Rehabilitation.
9.As assigned, provide medication education to consumers and parents or guardians of consumers under the age of 18.
10.Communicate daily with other medical team members (RN and MA) to ensure coverage and wrap around care for all Consumers. Nursing Medical Team will meet each morning for 10 minutes in order to discuss tasks and plan of coverage for each day.
11.Check in with RN Supervisor prior to leaving for lunch or end of day, in order to ensure all tasks and Consumers are properly cared for.
Requirements Requires completion of Medical Assistant Program. Prefer registration or certification as a RMA or CMA. No previous experience is required; however, previous experience working with clients with mental illness and or substance abuse is preferred. Requires knowledge of professional NSG practice care techniques and medical procedures, medical supplies, sanitation and personal hygiene; and of nutrition. Skill in planning, organizing, and applying nursing care techniques working with clients with mental illness and co-occurring disorders. Able to follow oral and written instructions. Skill in exercising judgment, initiative self-control, patience in following detailed and or written instructions; and in maintaining a sympathetic and harmonious relationship with consumers with mental illness and co-occurring disorders.
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