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Requisition Number 18-0081
Post Date 5/31/2018
Location Daymar College - Clarksville
Title Dean of Physical Therapist Assistant
Part Time No
City Clarksville
State TN
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Description Position Summary: The Dean of the Physical Therapy Assistant Program is responsible for all aspects of the administration of the Physical Therapy Assistant Program. This includes faculty and staff recruitment and supervision, student selection and counseling, teaching, facilitating job placement and maintenance of standards for state approval and national accreditation.

Major Responsibility Areas:

MRA #1. Maintenance of Standards for State Approvals and National Accreditation
• Oversees classroom and lab activities according to program requirements to ensure that students acquire the personal, interaction and professional/vocational skills to be effective in the vocation they have chosen to pursue.
• Participates in all program review visits and activities with CAPTE.
• Maintains accreditation for the Physical Therapy Assistant Program.
• Maintains current knowledge of local, state, and national trends and innovations in physical therapy education.

MRA #2. Program Administration
• Responsible for administration of the Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) Program.
• Collaborates with faculty to provide leadership for curriculum design, use of instructional technology, and evaluation of student learning.
• Collaborates with PTA instructors to ensure student success across curricula.
• Assists with monitoring the process of course evaluations, textbook selection and curricula development.
• Regularly reviews and coordinates the development and revision of course/program development and changes through work with faculty and staff.
• Reviews personnel needs, personnel development, facility, and other resources needed to operate the PTA program effectively.
• Reviews textbooks and classroom materials in order to provide cohesive, consistent quality instruction, including tutor programs.
• Monitors the use of the Contact Manager section of CampusVUE software in order to maximized effectiveness.
• Attends required meetings with CRC Administrators.
• Promotes responsiveness to changing business trends.
• Provides suggestions on innovative delivery of instruction.
• Suggests newer and innovative instructional methods.
• Directs PTA faculty meetings.
• Serves on department and campus committees and accepts committee assignments
• Participates in college-wide activities and programs
• Develops and oversees budget to ensure that the nursing program has adequate financial resources to facilitate a quality program.
• Performs other duties as assigned by the Campus President.

MRA #3. Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Supervision.
• Provides guidance, leadership and assistance to all instructors in the PTA Program to ensure that classroom instruction, student-teacher relationships, and Title IV requirements are met.
• Oversees and evaluates classroom and lab activities according to program requirements to ensure instructors and students are encouraged and assisted in developing personally and professionally.
• Serves as a model, mentor, positive influence and resource to other instructors, especially those within the PTA Program to ensure that the College’s mission, vision, values and goals are carried out.
• Provides guidance, motivates and assists nursing instructors in developing syllabi, tests and other instructional materials/aids that enhance the overall quality of classroom instruction.
• Reviews student evaluations and works with instructors to develop their strengths and correct their weaknesses.
• Ensures that grades are submitted by all instructors within 24 hours of course completion
• Works with PTA instructors to ensure that they are available, approachable and that they serve as an effective resource to students.
• Conducts routine meetings with PTA instructors to discuss Company and Program initiatives, problems that instructors are having, student issues, etc
• Oversees functions of scheduling, books, retention, daily attendance, LDA management, and current student registrations.
• Provides preliminary screening for applicants for positions of PTA faculty and staff
• Contributes to annual performance reviews for all faculty and staff in the PTA Department
• Completes requests for supplies, equipment, and attendance of professional seminars
• Provides supervision, administration, and coordination of the instructional faculty/staff in the academic and clinical phases of the program
• Supervises, evaluates, and encourages professional growth of full and part-time PTA faculty and staff

MRA #4. Student Selection, Instruction and Counseling
• Serves as a mentor, develops and maintains positive and professional relationships with students in order to monitor and resolve students’ concerns.
• Chairs Admissions Committee by participating in the screening of student applicants.
• Is available, approachable and makes time for students inside and outside the classroom to address any concerns they may have.
• Encourages, advises and works with students to ensure they understand difficult subject matter, complete assignments and properly prepare for tests.
• Relates personal, interpersonal and vocational problems and solutions that arise in the classroom to on-the-job realities.
• Works closely with Student Services and other functional areas to direct students to appropriate resources to resolve personal and academic issues.
• Works collaboratively with faculty and advising/outreach personnel to facilitate efficient student recruitment, admission, advisement, placement and graduate follow-up.
• Works with the Director of Education in monitoring grade point averages of students
• Provides academic counseling to students in need.

MRA #5. Job Placement
• Participates in Campus and Community activities and meetings in order to evaluate current events that will foster professional growth and enhance the College’s image.
• Promotes and maintains a warm, friendly nurturing atmosphere conducive to placing students in careers upon graduation.
• Assists enrolled students in finding suitable employment while enabling them to “learn while they earn”
• Directs students in the planning, designing and implementing of career-employment goals that result in the placement of graduates
• Demonstrates an understanding of student career foundations, job placement and instructional process

Other duties as assigned.
Requirements Job Requirements: The following job requirements represent minimum levels of education, experience and competencies/abilities needed to perform this job successfully:

1. Education: Doctoral degree required; Current National licensure/certification to practice as PT or PTA required.

2. Experience: Must have a minimum of five year (or equivalent), full-time, post licensure experience that includes a minimum of three years (or equivalent) of full-time clinical experience; didactic and/or clinical teaching experience; administrative/management experience; and experience in educational theory and methodology, instructional design, student evaluation and outcome assessment, including the equivalent of nine credits of coursework in educational foundations.

3. Competencies: Incumbent must (be) able to:

• Project a professional image and provide outstanding customer service
• Make administrative/procedural decisions and judgments
• Present strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community
• Examine and re-engineer operations and procedures, and formulate policies
• Develop and implement new strategies and procedures
• Supervise and train staff, including organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling work assignments.
• Keep commitments, meet deadlines and achieve demanding results
• Organize and execute around multiple priorities
• Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
• Demonstrate excellent listening skills, to include listening not only for content but for motive
• Cooperate and collaborate as a member of a team
• Use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to prepare and maintain records, correspondence, reports and other data
• Develop and present educational materials in an engaging manner
• Embrace and demonstrate on an ongoing basis Daymar’s Mission, Vision, Four Agreements, and the Customer Service Pledge to Students.
• Embrace and demonstrate on an ongoing basis Daymar’s core values of Continuous Improvement, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Service, Teamwork and Having Fun.

4. Physical and Mental Requirements:

Physical Requirements: This job requires normal physical mobility, including the ability to sit and stand for extended periods of time, reach with hands and arms, talk and hear. Normal hand-eye coordination; arm, hand and finger dexterity, including the ability to grasp and lift up to 40 pounds, is also required.

Mental Requirements: This job requires the ability to read, recall, write and understand information. This job also requires the ability to work under moderate pressure and to manage multiple tasks concurrently.

Environment: This job is normally performed in a clean, well-lighted, heated and cooled office area/classroom.


The purpose of this job description is to document the Major Responsibility Areas (MRAs) and key Duties normally required of this position. This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only responsibilities or duties to be performed by incumbents. Associates are expected to follow all job related instructions and perform any other duties assigned by their supervisor(s).

The Company is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate with regard to employment, promotion, pay or place of work because of race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability or age. Employment with the Company does not constitute a contract for any specific period of time and any associate is free to resign at any time, with or without a reason, just as the Company may end an associate’s employment at any time, with or without a reason. The Company will, in compliance with the ADA, accommodate essential job functions whenever feasible.
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