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Requisition Number 18-0072
Post Date 5/17/2018
Location Daymar College - Murfreesboro
Title Director of Education
Part Time No
City Murfreesboro
State TN
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Description Academic Programs and Accreditation. Directs activities to ensure academic curricula is current to meet accreditation requirements.

• Works with Faculty and the Academics Department to ensure that program offerings are routinely reviewed and updated for consistency and content.
• Communicates with advisory boards members through meetings to ensure accreditation requirements are met.
• Attends monthly Academic Summit meetings to discuss proposed new/revised curricula.
• Counsels and advises students
• Conducts academic and assessment testing for students
• Prepares and publishes the College’s academic calendar.
• Leads the College’s Self Study efforts and Application for New Grant of Accreditation to the Accrediting Council for Independent College’s and Schools (ACICS)
• Ensures the College meets all ACICS Accreditation criteria on an ongoing basis
• Keeps up-to-date on ACICS criteria and advises associates of the College of any changes.
• Prepares the ACICS Annual Institutional Report
• Submits new programs and program revisions for approval by ACICS
• Tracks the ACICS Retention Rate and ensures the College’s retention rates meets ACICS minimum requirements.

Faculty Supervision and Development. Directly supervises and implements faculty development programs to ensure quality classroom instruction.

• Conducts regularly scheduled faculty meetings and maintains minutes of each faculty meeting.
• Develops and monitors Faculty Development Plans (FDPs) for all instructors.
• Performs classroom observations and documentation.
• Conducts faculty evaluations by the student on a quarterly basis
• Develops and implements in-service and professional development opportunities for instructors.
• Maintains files for instructors’ credentials to ensure appropriateness of classroom instruction.
• Plans, coordinates and consults with the Campus Director concerning all faculty credentials prior to any offer of employment
• Conducts orientation for new faculty and students
• Prepares, publishes and maintains a Faculty/Instructor Handbook.

Registrar. Directs the Registrar’s activities including class schedules to ensure timely and effective student class schedules and accurate recording of students’ academic progress and completion of programs.

• Ensures students are scheduled for classes in a timely, effective manner.
• Ensures effectively use CampusVUE in the scheduling process.
• Reviews and approves transfers of credits for new students.
• Supervises the Registrar and ensures all academic records are maintained correctly and in a timely manner.

Text Books. Works with Lead Instructors in book selection, purchases and delivery to ensure approved textbook selections are used.

• Maintains an accurate list of approved textbook selections.
• Submits proper documents to the Purchasing Agent and the Academic Coordinator to ensure timely purchasing and delivery of textbook.

Student Services. Develop and implements programs and processes that ensure students have a supportive atmosphere to complete their programs and obtain jobs.

• Ensures that Student Evaluations are performed each term.
• Performs evaluations of the student satisfaction inventory.
• Ensure that we provide a warm, friendly nurturing atmosphere where students can learn the skills required, to obtain the jobs they need, to have the lives they want.
• Maintains a student retention rate of 80%.
• Plans and coordinates graduation ceremonies
• Ensures that the College complies with all Department of Education requirements concerning drug and alcohol abuse.

Learning Resource Center. Works with the Learning Resource Center Coordinators to ensure appropriate resources are available to students and instructors.

• Assists Learning Resource Center (LRC) Coordinators to maintain appropriate holdings, databases, and periodicals.
• Supervises the library staff and determines the selection of available materials for use by the students.

Title IV Refunds. Monitors and ensures timely refunds of Title IV funds.

• Monitors classroom attendance to ensure instructors are entering within 20 minutes of start of class.
• Monitors with Student Services any absences on a daily basis
• Participates in weekly Student Status Meetings to review and plan action to address students ‘at risk’ of withdrawing.
• Holds weekly meetings with Lead Instructors and Student Services Coordinator to discuss students ‘at risk’ for withdrawing and to develop action plans to keep the student in school.
• Communicates daily with Lead Instructors absences to identify reasons and resolutions for students missing classes in order to keep students from withdrawal situations.
• Communicates daily with Instructors and Lead Instructors for failure to report attendance and enforces no tolerance of non-reporting.
• Instructs all Faculty proper timely reporting of attendance along with the reasons to report and consequences for not reporting.
• Maintains awareness and keeps updated on FERPA guidelines
• Maintains knowledge of College Catalogs’ policies and forwards needs for change(s) to the Academic Coordinator.
• Monitors and ensures each term is properly closed out by the Registrar and that ‘I’ (Incomplete) grades are changed to an ‘F’ (Failure to complete course) grade.
• Attends weekly Student Status Meetings in order to maintain a list of students ‘at risk’ for withdrawal.
• Approves any withdrawals on the same day they are processed.
• Backs-up for the Student Services Coordinator for initiating the withdrawal process for students who have missed two (2) consecutive class meetings by preparing the Consecutive Absence Report in the CampusVUE software and sending an activity to the Registrar.

Administration. Develops and implements academic policies, programs and initiatives that facilitate academic communication, teamwork and involvement to maintain or enhance student learning environment and continuously improve the overall quality of procedures and processes within the Academic Programs.

• Acts as the College’s American Testing (ACT) Coordinator
• Contributes to maintaining and revising the College’s Institutional Effectiveness Plan (IEP).
• Ensures that semi-monthly pay grids for instructors or prepared accurately and submitted to Payroll in a timely manner.
• Works with the Campus Director to ensure continuous improvement and quality for the College.
• Attends weekly Campus Leadership Meetings
• Implements effective advisor groups, as well as, effective tutoring and mentoring programs.
• Establishes and oversees appropriate criteria for scholarships offered by the College.
• Plans and coordinates graduation ceremonies for graduating students.

Requirements Job Requirements: The following job requirements represent minimum levels of education, experience and competencies/abilities needed to perform this job successfully:

1. Education: Masters Degree required, Doctorate highly preferred.

2. Experience:
• Prior experience as an Assistant Director of Education (ADOE), Director of Education (DOE), and or significant experience as a Program or Departmental Leader from an accredited and proprietary institution may be considered in life of ADOE or DOE experience.
• Three years classroom experience at secondary or college level.

3. Competencies: Incumbent must (be) able to:
• Project a professional image and provide outstanding customer service
• Keep commitments, meet deadlines and achieve demanding results
• Organize and execute around multiple priorities
• Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
• Speak effectively to both large and small groups of people
• Prepare and conduct effective presentations
• Demonstrate excellent listening skills
• Cooperate and collaborate as a member of a team
• Use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to prepare and maintain records, correspondence, reports and other data
• Relate to and work with all levels of the organization
• Embrace and demonstrate on an ongoing basis the Company’s core values of Continuous Improvement, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Service, Teamwork and Having Fun.

4. Physical and Mental Requirements:

Physical Requirements: This job requires normal physical mobility, including the ability to sit and stand for extended periods of time, reach with hands and arms, talk and hear. Normal hand-eye coordination; arm, hand and finger dexterity, including the ability to grasp and lift up to 40 pounds, is also required.

Mental Requirements: This job requires the ability to read, recall, write and understand information. This job also requires the ability to work under moderate pressure and to manage multiple tasks concurrently.

Environment: This job is normally performed in a clean, well-lighted, heated and cooled office area/classroom.

The purpose of this job description is to document the Major Responsibility Areas (MRAs) and key Duties normally required of this position. This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only responsibilities or duties to be performed by incumbents. Associates are expected to follow all job related instructions and perform any other duties assigned by their supervisor(s).

The Company is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate with regard to employment, promotion, pay or place of work because of race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability or age. Employment with the Company does not constitute a contract for any specific period of time and any associate is free to resign at any time, with or without a reason, just as the Company may end an associate’s employment at any time, with or without a reason. The Company will, in compliance with the ADA, accommodate essential job functions whenever feasible.
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